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Transformer KVA

Transformer KVA

When transformer KVA is mentioned, what does is mean?  Transformer KVA is a rating system for transformers. The KVA rating in a transformer will tell you what the maximum power output capacity is. All transformers are designed and cataloged by transformer KVA ratings.

So what does KVA stand for?  Next question, right? The K stands for kilo which means 1000 times and the V stands for volts and of course the A stands for amp.  There are only two formulas that are used when determining transformer KVA.  Let's say that 1=Amps, E =Volts and 3=1.732  when calculating the transformer KVA.  Here is a perfect example of a transformer supplying a three phase load that will draw 100 amps and requires supply voltage of 208 volts.

KVA = 1 X E 3
KVA = 100 X 208 X 1.732
KVA = 36.025.6
KVA = 36.026 = Transformer KVA rating

A single phase load formula would be KVA = 1 X E

The size of the transformer needed is determined by the transformer KVA rating for the input and output voltage. You will also need to know what voltage is needed to operate the load, the voltage from the source, if your application is single phase or three phase and if the motor is going to be started more than once per hour. You should increase the minimum transformer KVA by 20 percent if the motor is started more than once per hour.

One of the best transformer KVA specialists in the market today is a company by the name of TEMCo. They can assist you in selecting the best transformer KVA that will meet all your application requirements. TEMCo assures their customers that they are getting the utmost quality and support and that all of their transformers will definitely meet your expectations. The TEMCo transformer KVA specialists have been in business for more than 40 years serving customers, worldwide, with an extensive line of transformers. The people at TEMCo will continue their relationship with their customers during and even after the sale. They will offer continued assistance and support, and ensure that all your needs are met completely.




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